Felix tools

Felix extension for OpenOffice Writer

I’ve just released a Felix extension for OpenOffice Writer. This extension allows you to use Felix from inside OpenOffice.

To install the extension, first download the file:

Save the file to your computer, then unzip it. If OpenOffice Writer isn’t already running, start it.

Now from the Tools menu, select Extension Manager…

Tools - Extension Manager menu selection

The Extension Manager appears. Click Add, then select the file “Felix.oxt”.

Extension Manager dialog box

Close the dialog box, then close and restart Writer. The Felix toolbar and menu should appear.

OpenOffice Writer with Felix menu and toolbar

You can now use Felix from OpenOffice in much the same manner as MS Word. There’s no documentation yet, but the Felix manual entry for MS Word should provide an overview of the basics.

There are still some kinks to work out. For example, the extension currently ignores text formatting, and the keyboard shortcuts don’t seem to work properly in OpenOffice 2.4. I’ll be working to improve the extension, and release updates.

This extension is released under the MIT License, which means that you’re free to modify it, study and learn from it, or use it in other projects with no restrictions. If you do make improvements to the extension, however, I ask that you send them to me so I can feed them back to other users.