Felix tips

Felix tip: Switch between concordance and match views

Felix has a concordance feature that allows you to see how you’ve translated a word or phrase in the past. It can be used from the Felix window, from the MS Word interface, from the MS PowerPoint interface, and from TagAssist (select Felix >> Concordance from the menu).

The results of concordance are then displayed in the memory window, which will look something like this:

Concordance search results in Felix

(The matching word or phrase is highlighted.)

If you already had a memory lookup displayed in the memory window, you might want to show it again. To do so, select View >> Current View >> Match View from the menu (or press Alt + V, V, M).

Felix menu command to switch to match view

You’ll then be back at the match view:

Felix match view with sentence lookup

(You can go back to concordance view by selecting View >> Current View >> Search View.)

Note that the same functionality is available from the Glossary window as well.