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Felix tip: Review mode

Often after you’ve translated a Word document using Felix, you’ll need to make changes to your translation. You might have noticed a mistake as you reviewed your translation, or your client may have sent back edits. Ideally, any changes you make to your translation should be reflected in your Felix TM.

That’s what Review mode is for. Review mode is just like ordinary translation mode, except that you look up translations instead of source segments; and when you register a segment, instead of adding a new translation unit (TU), the existing one is modified with your corrections.

To get to Review mode, click the “Switch mode” button on the toolbar.

Switch to review mode button

You can also select Switch to Review Mode from the menu.

Switch to review mode menu item

When you’re in review mode, the colors of the buttons are reversed, and an asterisk in brackets ([*]) is shown next to the Felix menu.

Review mode in Word

You look up sentences just like in translation mode (see the quick-start tutorial for a brief overview), but instead of source segments, you’re looking up translations already in your TM.

Lookup from review mode

Make any corrections to the translation, then correct your translation just like registering a translation in Translation mode. Any edits will be reflected in your TM.

Review mode is also a handy way to check your translation, because you can see the source and translation side by side in the Felix window as you go.

To switch back to translation mode, click the “Switch” button again.

Switch back to translation mode button