Preview release of Felix version 1.4.6

I’m currently working on version 1.4.6 of Felix. In this version, I’m trying to track down and squash some hard-to-reproduce bugs. In order to help get more feedback on the new version, I’ve decided to offer it as a preview release.

You can download the preview release of version 1.4.6 here.

If you’ve experienced strange errors using Felix from MS Word, you might be interested in trying out these changes.

Note that since this is a preview and not a final release, it’s expected that there’ll be bugs. Although I’ve been using it for my own translation work without problems, please use it at your own risk.

One important new feature of version 1.4.6 is the “View Logs” utility. Go to the Start menu, then select All Programs >> Assistant Suite >> Felix >> Show Logs, to view all Felix logs and optionally send them to Felix support when reporting problems.