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Tip: Getting word counts from PowerPoint documents

Translators working on Microsoft PowerPoint® files often need to get word counts for creating estimates or invoices. While PowerPoint has a built-in statistics feature, the word count it provides is broken: it counts punctuation as words. (See below: it’s still broken as of PowerPoint 2007)

I have a free word-count program for Windows called Count Anything, which will provide word counts for PowerPoint documents, among others (Word, Excel, HTML, XML, …).

The next time you need a word count for PowerPoint, I suggest trying it out.

A PowerPoint document with five words

Above: A PowerPoint document with five words
Below: Six words in the properties dialog

Properties sheet says there are six words


New tutorial added (PowerPoint)

With Felix, you can translate documents directly from Microsoft® PowerPoint. Many users have told me that this is their favorite feature of Felix.

I’ve now added a quick-start tutorial for using Felix from PowerPoint.

Click here to see the tutorial.

This tutorial should get you up and running translating documents from PowerPoint. I recommend it if you’re new to Felix, or haven’t tried it from PowerPoint yet.