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Align Assist version 0.9 released

I’ve just released version 0.9 of Align Assist. The two main features of this new release are a “Check for Updates” feature, and a link to the online manual from the application.

Download the latest version here.

Check for Updates

From the Help menu, select Check for Updates… If the latest version of Align Assist is newer than your version, it will prompt you to download the latest version.

Align Assist will also check online for updates automatically once a week, unless you tell it not to (it will ask before going online).

Show Online Help

From the Help menu, select Online Help. The online manual opens in your Web browser.

About Align Assist

Align Assist is a free application that aligns legacy source and translation files, in order to make Felix translation memories (TMs).

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AlignAssist version 0.6 released

I’ve just released version 0.6 of Align Assist.

Align Assist download page.

Align Assist main window

This is a bug-fix update. The previous versions of Align Assist didn’t properly display the grid rows in some cases when splitting segments, and the Split dialog box had some display issues.

About Align Assist

Align Assist is a free program for aligning legacy source and translation files, and creating Felix translation memories from them. It supports a wide range of file formats, including MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as XML, HTML, text, and CSV. There is also limited support for PDF files.


Align Assist version 0.4 released

I’ve released a new version of Align Assist. The main improvement in this version is the ability to specify URLs as the source/translation. Now, you can enter the URLs of any two web pages, and align their text.

Align Assist main window

What is Align Assist?

Align Assist is a free tool to create Felix translation memories (TMs) from legacy translations. You select a source file and translation file, then align them in a grid window. Once the source and translation segments are aligned, select File >> Save to save them as a Felix TM.

Align window

Align Assist can align many different file types, including Microsoft® Word (.doc, .rtf), PowerPoint (.ppt), and Excel (.xls, .csv), as well as HTML, XML, text, and PDF files.

Click here to go to the Align Assist page