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Align Assist manual online

The Align Assist manual is now online. The manual includes a quick start tutorial to help get up and started using Align Assist quickly.

I hope to have a Japanese version of the manual up shortly, and to continue to expand and improve the English version.

About Align Assist

Align Assist is a free application to convert legacy translations into Felix translation memories (TMs). Use it to take advantage of past translations you have done, before starting to use a CAT tool. Align Assist supports many different file formats, including Microsoft® Office, HTML, and XML.


Quick start tutorial added to manual

Today I got an email from a Felix user who was having trouble getting started with the program. His company’s firewall blocks Flash, so he couldn’t watch the demo video.

I’ve been planning to write some quick-start tutorials for a while, but this was the extra spur I needed. I wrote him an email with some simple instructions for getting started with Felix from MS Word, and then wrote a quick-start tutorial based on that.

I’m planning to write similar tutorials for PowerPoint, Excel, and Tag Assist in the near future. If there are any tutorials you’d particularly like to see, or you’d like something explained better in the existing manual, please let me know!