Felix release

Felix version 1.4.3 released

I’ve just released version 1.4.3 of Felix.

Download the latest version here.

Below are some of the main changes and improvements in version 1.4.3.

  • Bug fix: When you edited a record, the match text sometimes got duplicated
  • Users can now customize user names (Preferences >> General tab).
  • Each translation record (or translation unit: TU) has a creator and modified-by field
  • Bug fix: Added .ftm and .fgloss file extension filters for Memory/Glossary manager dialogs
  • Bug fix: Cleanup Menus would fail if PowerPoint or Excel was not installed
  • Bug fix: The Save As dialog for the glossary window did not save glossaries in other than fgloss format.
  • Press CTRL + ALT + F9 to toggle shortcuts between enabled and disabled in Word. Each time the shortcuts are toggled, there is a system beep. Any other bindings to CTRL + ALT + F9 are preserved.
  • CONTROL+ALT+↑ corrects the current translation in Word, even in translation mode
  • Bug fix: The Office programs would sometimes stay in memory after quitting
  • Translation history is now disabled by default

For a full list of changes, see What’s New in the Felix manual.