About Me

I’m a technical Japanese to English translator and software developer living in rural Okinawa, Japan. I’ve been interested in programming since I was a child. I got interested in languages and translation as a linguist in the US Air Force, then in natural language processing as a university student.

About Felix

I first started developing Felix over 10 years ago, because I was dissatisfied with existing translation-memory tools. After using it myself for several years, I decided to make it a commercial product about 5 years ago.

I designed Felix to be everything the existing tools weren’t: easy to use, flexible, and with the translator in full control. I’ve tried to keep this as the central philosophy of Felix through the years.

About this Blog

This blog chronicles my journey with developing and marketing the Felix CAT tool. It includes:

  • information about computer-assisted translation
  • information about the development roadmap for Felix and associated tools
  • tips for using Felix more effectively
  • announcements of software releases
  • information about the Felix website and Felix sales/marketing

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