Here is my current development roadmap for Felix and its associated tools.

I’m putting this roadmap into a stand-alone page to encourage comments and enable easy editing over time.


  • Version 1.6: Improved management of memories and glossaries.
    Some examples of additional functionality: quality checks, browsing/exploration, statistics, batch operations (e.g. “remove all formatting” or “change all target font to “Arial”), merging/splitting
  • Version 2.0: A plug-in system for Felix. This will make it possible to integrate a lot of the currently external tools (like word counting/analysis), and add other functionality, without bloating the systems of people who don’t want that functionality. It will also make adding features much faster and easier.

There are also many other features and bug fixes planned (my bug tracker currently has 146 open tickets). Some examples are improved scripting support, and improved support for the “translation history” feature.

Memory Serves

  • Searching from Felix
  • Statistical info for TMs
  • Rich text editing
  • Fuzzy matching and regular expressions in searches
  • Improved navigation (e.g. page navigation on search results)

XLIFF Translator

I’ll continue to develop this application, aiming for a 1.0 release. Some upcoming milestones:

  • A review mode, with source, translation, and notes fields side by side
  • Support for Open Office documents
  • Support for generic XML documents
  • Support for CSV
  • Support for MS Word and PowerPoint
  • Other file formats
  • Support for rich text

CAT Skinner

This will be a stand-alone application that will make it easy to customize the Felix UI. Initially, it will make it easy to customize the layout and presentation of data, and to download/create different profiles (like “streamlined”/”verbose”). Eventually, I plan to add more fine-grained control via scripting with JavaScript.

Open Office extensions

I’m giving priority now to XLIFF Translator for Open Office support, but I do plan to continue development of the extensions for Open Office.

  • Fix problems with keyboard shortcuts
  • Support text formatting
  • Extension for Calc
  • Extension for Impress

Tag Assist

  • Get rid of the DHTML edit component
  • Spell checking
  • Support for XML

Count Anything

  • Count lines
  • Count pages (user-defined “page” unit)
  • Create invoices
  • User-defined word-break (whether to split on hyphens)

Analyze Assist

  • Generate invoices
  • Improve report format (allow drill-down)

Memory Manager

Another application that’s still only in the planning stage is an application to manage all the TMs/glossaries on your system. For example, it will be able to search all your TMs for matches; generate glossaries containing all the terms that match in a given document; merge and split TMs; and so on. I currently have some simple scripts that I use for this; as a first approximation, I plan to put a GUI on top of them and release it.

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The only thing that’s holding me back from switching over completely from WF and Trados to Felix is the on-the-fly glossary creation feature (while translating a segment select say Japanese term hit hot key; select English term hit hot key; term registered and active in glossary from next segment onward). May we have this feature please? (I haven’t used Felix for a while; if already incorporated; sorry. I’ll be ready to switch over to Felix now!)


Yes, this feature is available in Felix now, but only in MS Word so far.

While you’re translating, select a source term, and press {ALT+M, G}. Then type the translation and press Enter; the term is added to the glossary. The menu command is Felix >> Add to Glossary.

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