Felix release

Felix version 1.5 released

I’ve just released version 1.5 of Felix.

The big feature of version 1.5 is a new search and replace window, with the ability to search and replace at a fine-grained level. There are also some minor fixes and enhancements.

Download the latest version here.

Here are the main improvements in version 1.5:

New Search and replace feature

Felix now has a new feature for doing search and replace. Instead of using the memory or glossary window, there’s now a dedicated window for doing search and replace. The old search feature is still available under the menu, as “Quick Search.”

For more details about the new search and replace feature, see the section on Search & Replace in the manual.

Bug fix: dropped information when importing and exporting TMX memories

Earlier versions of Felix dropped some information when importing and exporting TMX memories, such as creation ID/date and change ID/date. This is fixed in this version.

Bug fix: F6 works to switch views in glossary window

The F6 button now works in the glossary window like it does in the memory window, to toggle between the lookup and concordance views. The menu commands to switch views should also work properly now.

Reduced memory footprint

Version 1.5 of Felix has a smaller memory footprint than previous versions. That means that when it’s running, it will take up less of your computer’s memory and resources.

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