Analyze Assist version 1.4 released

I’ve just released version 1.4 of Analyze Assist.

Download the latest version here.

Here are the main improvements in version 1.4:

Connect to Memory Serves memories

You can now use Memory Serves memories to analyze your source files. From the Analysis Wizard, click Remote…, and enter the connection string. Note that you must have both Memory Serves and Felix installed in order to use this feature (although you can use the demo version of Felix with no problems).

Analyze web pages

You can now analyze web pages by entering a URL. From the Analysis Wizard, click URL… to analyze that page.

Analyze all files in a folder

You can now analyze all the files in a specified folder. You can specify which kinds of files to include (e.g. HTML, Word®, and XML), and whether to include files in sub-directories. This is a quick way to analyze a lot of files at once.

More complete analysis of HTML files

Analyze Assist now analyzes two additional parts of HTML files: the meta-description and meta-keywords. Analysis of HTML tag attributes can be figured in a very fine-grained way from the Tools-Options menu.

About Analyze Assist

Analyze Assist is a free program for Windows that analyzes source files against translation memories. This is useful to estimate how long a translation will take to complete and how much it will cost when using translation memory, as well as for invoicing translation work. Analyze Assist supports Felix memories as well as the open TMX format for translation memories, and so it can be used with just about any translation-memory program.

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