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Felix version 1.4.2 released

I’ve just released version 1.4.2 of Felix. This new version includes several improvements and new features requested by users, a few bug fixes, and improved support for some older Windows configurations.

Download the latest version of Felix.

The main new features and improvements are described below. See the manual for a full list of changes and improvements.

Separate file extensions for memories and glossaries

Felix translation memory and glossary files now have separate file extensions. By default, translation memories are saved with the “.ftm” extension, and glossary files are saved with the “.fgloss” extension. You can still use files with the old “.xml” extension, and save TMs and glossaries as “.xml” files.

New feature: profiles

You can now save user profiles in Felix. This is handy when you have multiple different sets of memories/glossaries, that you want to load in different situations (e.g. depending on the client).

Save your current profile
Select Tools >> Save Preferences.
Load an existing profile
Select Tools >> Load Preferences.

The following information is saved:

  • Translation memory files
  • Glossary files
  • User preferences
  • Window size and position
  • Text zoom level

New feature: improved zooming

With previous versions of Felix, you could control the zoom level of text using the CTRL + Mouse Wheel combination. Now there’s a zoom dialog box to give more fine-grained control over the zoom level. To display the Zoom dialog, select View >> Zoom… from the menu.

Using the zoom dialog box to control the text zoom level

When you start Felix, the last zoom level you used is restored.

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