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Felix version 1.3 released

Version 1.3 of Felix has been released. This release contains a large number of bug fixes and usability enhancements. Two of the main enhancements in this new version are Properties dialogs for the PowerPoint and Excel interfaces. I also took the opportunity to squash a bunch of small bugs that have been building up over the past few months.

You can see a full list of improvements here.

You can download the latest version of Felix here.

I’m planning the next release (version 1.4) for around mid-October. This will be the release that includes translation history files (similar to “bilingual files” in Trados-speak, but saved as separate files in a transparent format).

In between that time, I’m planning on adding improvements to three existing tools: Analyze Assist (analyzing files against TMs), Count Anything (which provides word and character counts for many different file types), and Align Assist (which is currently retired), as well as a first stab at a macro interface for Open Office Writer.

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This is all very good stuff.

One question about the translation history feature: Will there be a way to update TMs based on corrections made to the translation history files?


Yes, I’m planning two ways. One way will be to make corrections to the translation, then use the translation history file to update the TM in Felix.

Another way will be “running corrections” — you go through the translated file, checking the translations and source segments from the translation history file. If you make a change to the translation, the TM is updated in Felix on the spot.

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