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Felix tip: save specific translations from a translation memory

Sometimes, you might want to save specific translations from your translation memory (TM) into a separate file. For example, you might want to deliver a translation memory for your latest job, but not have to manage separate TMs for every job.

Below is an example of how to save all your translations created after a certain date (here, 2012-04-15) to a separate file.

  1. From the Felix window, open the Search window (Control + F)
  2. Search for “created-after: 2012-04-15” (without the quotes)
  3. On the bottom of the page, click Save Search Results to File
    Select a file name

If you then want to delete the entries from your current TM, do the following:

  1.   On the bottom of the page, click Delete Search Results
    This removes them from the current TM
  2. Close the Search window, and save your TM.

You can use any search conditions to filter your translations. Click Search Help in the Search window for a list of available search conditions.

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