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Comparison of Felix and Trados matching algorithms

The About Translation blog posted a while ago about quirks in the matching algorithm employed by Trados.

He posts the following match results:

Trados matches for “LEAD DESIGN -“

Source Fuzzy Score
Lead Design 67%

He points out that this seems unintuitive and less than useful.

Felix seems to do a better job at assigning scores:

Felix matches for “LEAD DESIGN -“

Source Fuzzy Score
Lead Design 85%

Fuzzy match results for LEAD DESIGN

Note that the scores may differ slightly depending on your Felix search settings. For example, you can set it to ignore case, wide/narrow characters, assign penalties for formatting mismatches, and the like. The scores above are with the “ignore case” setting. The part highlighted in red is the part that Felix recognizes as differing between the two strings.

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