New development roadmap for Felix

As I noted in my first published roadmap for Felix, my plan was to make some minor improvements, then implement networking support for Felix in July, and a translation history feature in August.

I completed the first part of the roadmap with the release of version 1.1, and the second part (network support) with the release of version 1.2. My original plan for this month was to implement translation history support in August, then do minor improvements for a month or two after that.

My queue of “minor improvements,” however, has grown pretty large: there are now 37 enhancements/fixes queued in my issue-tracking system (some of them requested/reported by users). While most of these are fairly minor and won’t even warrant mention in the list of improvements, taken together I think dealing with them has to take priority over a major new feature (translation history).

So I’m going to work on clearing my task list during the month of August, release the improvements in version 1.3 at the end of the month, and then get back to the translation-history feature in September.

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