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Early releases: Felix 1.1.8 and Memory Serves 0.3

I’ve got Felix working with Memory Serves now. There are still a couple of kinks to work out; for example, memories on the server aren’t fully integrated with the Memory Manager dialog in Felix. But normal memory and glossary searches are working, so I’m making this early release.

I expect to have the final release of Felix 1.2 and Memory Serves 1.0 within about a week, right on schedule. In addition to the network capability, I’m planning on adding a couple more improvements to Felix for the 1.2 release, along with some improvements to Memory Serves for the 1.0 release.

You’ll need the latest version of Memory Serves in order to use it from Felix, because I had to make a couple of changes to get them working together well.

Download Felix version 1.1.8 (6.7 MB)
Download Memory Serves version 0.3 (6.9 MB)

Using the Network Function

To connect to a memory on the server, copy the connection string for the desired memory/glossary in Memory Serves, then from the Felix File menu, select Connect… (you can do the same thing from the glossary window).

Felix Connect menu

The Connection Dialog appears. Copy in the connection string, and click OK.

Felix Connection Dialog

Now you should be able to use the networked memory just like an ordinary Felix memory.

There are still some kinks to work out before the official 1.2 release, but if you’d like a preview of the network function, I’d greatly appreciate any feedback and bug reports.

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Congratulations on these early releases, Ryan! I tried them out on a small assignment this morning, and all seems to be working quite nicely. Excellent work!

The one thing I noticed that struck me as odd, however, is that you can click “Create Account” in Memory Serves without entering a user name or a password, but an account will be created anyway. I suppose this is okay (you can apparently log in without credentials as well), but will there be a way to change a user’s login information in a later release?

Thanks for trying it out, Sako. Glad to hear that it’s working for you.

The ability to create an empty account is a bug. I’ll need to fix that for the 1.0 release. I’m also planning to include a utility with Memory Serves that will clear the admin account, so that the next time Memory Serves is launched, it’ll send you to the welcome page (this is a measure in case you forget your password).

I think that eventually I’ll allow multiple user accounts to be created for Memory Serves, with different levels (including a read-only level), but for the 1.0 release I’m planning on sticking to one admin account, and some other improvements:
* Ability to browse memories/glossaries
* Ability to search memories/glossaries

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