Felix Memory Serves

Progress report: Memory Serves 0.2

I was hoping to have an early release of Felix with support for Memory Serves memories by today, but unfortunately there is still a little bit of work to do. I’m leaving today for a trip with my family (going to climb Mt. Fuji with my son for his 10th birthday), so the release of Felix 1.1.8 will have to wait until sometime next week.

Memory Serves welcome screen
I did release Memory Serves version 0.2, however. The main change from version 0.1 is that there is now an admin account, which is needed to delete memories and shut down the server. When you first launch Memory Serves, it will prompt you to create an admin account.

Please note that installing version 0.2 will wipe out any memories/glossaries you had loaded in version 0.1, as the database schema has changed.

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