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Using Analyze Assist with MS Office 2007/2008 format

The current version of Analyze Assist can’t recognize the new “.docx”/”.pptx”/”xlsx” file extensions in MS Office 2007/2010 by default. I will be adding these definitions in the next release of Analyze Assist, but in the meantime, you can configure Analyze Assist to recognize these file formats.

Analyze Assist uses something called “segmenters,” and you can add the “-x” extensions to the various segmenters to make Analyze Assist recognize them.

To do this, from the Tools menu, select Options. The following dialog appears.

Screen shot of the Options dialog in Analyze Assist

As shown in the screenshot above, add “;*.docx”, “;*.pptx”, and “;*.xlsx” to the respective fields, and click OK.

Analyze Assist will now recognize the “-x” formats.

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