Latest development roadmap for Felix

As the new search and TM management features start to shape up in Felix, I want to give an updated roadmap for Felix development. Below are the main features/improvements I’m planning for the upcoming releases.

Please let me know if there’s something you want that’s not on the list, or if there’s a feature that’s especially important to you.

1.6 series (current series)

  • Improved search features
  • Improved memory management
  • QC features

1.7 series (early 2011)

  • Glossary placement
    (Automatically insert glossary translations)
  • Term extraction
    (Automatically extract glossary entries from TMs)
  • Template creation
    (Finding patterns/called “assembly” in Déjà Vu I think)
  • Rule-based glossary matching/placement
    (E.g. [\d\d億円] -> [\d.\d billion yen])

2.0 series (summer/fall 2011)

  • Plug-in framework

3 replies on “Latest development roadmap for Felix”

Thank you for keeping us informed of your development plans for Felix! All of these things look very good. The new features for the 1.7 series in particular look quite compelling.

Is there any chance of seeing a similar roadmap for XLIFF Translator? That application has the potential to alleviate a lot of (mostly Excel-induced) translation pain; so naturally there are many people who are eagerly looking forward to developments in that area.


That’s a very good idea, thanks. I’ve essentially been alternating between one Felix release, and one release of one of the other programs (Memory Serves, Align Assist, etc.). I think that after the next release of Felix, I’ll devote more time to the others.

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