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Version 1.3 of Align Assist released

I’ve just released version 1.3 of Align Assist.

You can download the latest version here.

Wow, has it really been a year since version 1.2 was released? I had been neglecting Align Assist for a while, but fortunately some Align Assist users gave me good feedback, and spurred me to make some improvements. There are still a few things on my list, but I want to release the improvements so far now.

This is a good example of how the best way to get new features in your software is to tell the developers that you want them!

Below are the main improvements in this release.

  1. Default settings for TMs and records
  2. “Move To” command
  3. Improved Split function

1. Default settings for TMs and records

You can now set default values for translation memories and records. To set default values, in the Align window, from the Tools menu, select Defaults.

These default values will be saved in your Felix TM.

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2. “Move To” command

There is now a Move To command on the context menu. Right click a cell and select Move To from the menu, then enter a row number to move a cell to an arbitrary row.

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3. Improved Split function

The Split function (for splitting a segment into two segments) is now easier to use. Instead of cutting and pasting the text to split, you can just click in the text box where you want the segment to be split. The segment will be split at the location of the cursor.

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About Align Assist

Align Assist is a free (MIT license) utility for aligning legacy translations into translation memories. It supports a wide range of formats, and can create Felix and TMX memory files.

3 replies on “Version 1.3 of Align Assist released”

There is no print feature in Align Assist yet, but you can export your results either in Felix TM or TMX format.

To do so, from the aligned file window, select Save, and then select the Felix or TMX option.

I hope that answered your question.

I have just discovered your answer. As a terminologist, I do not need any TM just a printout. In general, translation tools are not adapted to terminology requirements.

Thank you. Sorry for repeating the same question twice.

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