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Version 0.2 of XLIFF Translator released

I’ve just released version 0.2 of XLIFF Translator.

You can download the latest version here.

This is still beta software, so please use for evaluation only.

Here are the main improvements to this version:

  • Support for opening single XLIFF files

    When you open an XLIFF file, the file’s directory is opened as the current project, and the XLIFF file is selected in the translation view.

  • Wide range of XLIFF files passing test suite.

    An XLIFF Translator user kindly supplied me with a variety of XLIFF files, and XLIFF Translator can handle all of them.

  • Japanese localization finished.

    There were a few strings that didn’t have Japanese localizations. I’ve added those translations in this version.

Thanks to user ysavourel who provided great feedback in the Felix forums.

About XLIFF Translator

XLIFF Translator is a free (MIT license) Windows desktop application for translating XLIFF files. XLIFF is a standard XML format for translation.

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