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Tanaka Corpus available in Felix TM and TMX formats

I converted the Tanaka Corpus of aligned Japanese and English sentences into Felix translation memory (TM) and TMX formats.

The Tanaka Corpus is a collection of around 150,000 Japanese-English sentence translation pairs, compiled over several years by university students, with later cleanup and correction by Jim Breen and his colleagues.

Download the Felix/TMX versions of the Tanaka Corpus here.

One reply on “Tanaka Corpus available in Felix TM and TMX formats”

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for posting this. It will be very useful for concordance searches.

I’m using memoQ at the moment after jumping ship from Trados. I like memoQ but I feel that Kilgray is too Eurocentric so I’m thinking of checking out Felix.

I have lots of TMX glossaries, so if you’re ever stuck, give me a shout.



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