New Felix forum

I’ve just created a forum for Felix.

Click here to go to the forum.

Participation is open to all, but some features (like posting) require user registration.

I had actually been debating with myself for some time about whether to create a forum. Felix already has a mailing list, and I felt that adding a forum might dilute the discussion. On the plus side, forums are more Google-friendly, and make it easier to follow up on conversation threads after some time has passed.

The dilemma was resolved when several Japanese-speaking users told me that they would prefer a Japanese-language forum to ask questions and discuss Felix (which is only natural). I thus decided to create a Japanese-language forum, and it then went from being a question of finding a reason to create an English-language version, to finding a reason not to.

I ended up using PunBB as the forum software. There was no Japanese localization for the latest edition of PunBB, so I took an old localized version and added the new translations myself. I plan to release my localized strings after I’ve been able to shake them out a bit.

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