Felix release

Felix version 1.5.2 released

I’ve just released version 1.5.2 of Felix.

Download the latest version here.

This release features several small improvements to the user interface, and improved support for PowerPoint.

A list of the main improvements follows.


  • Dependency on DHTML Edit control removed
    This was my number-one source of tech-support inquiries, so hopefully this will eliminate a major pain point for new Felix users.
  • “Switch views” toolbar button
  • “Close active memory/glossary” toolbar buttons (or press Ctrl+W)
  • “Close active memory/glossary” menu items
  • Keyboard shortcut for adding entries (F2)
  • Keyboard shortcut for registering glossary entries (F3)
  • Menu entry for registering glossary entries (Edit > Register to Glossary)
  • When registering glossary entries, the current selection (if any) is used as the source
  • Customized context menus for memory and glossary
  • Press F4 key to cycle focus between Felix and glossary windows

Word Interface

PowerPoint Interface

  • “Add to Glossary” menu command brings up dialog box, with selection as source. Just type in the translation and click Add to add the glossary entry.
    See the manual for details about the new add-to-glossary feature.
  • Improved support for PowerPoint, especially PowerPoint 2007

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