(Tentative) Linux roadmap for Felix

I sometimes get requests about when and if I’m going to support Linux (or the Mac). In fact, several Felix users are almost completely on Linux, and only go back to Windows for applications like Felix.

I do have some non-concrete plans to support Linux (and by extension the Mac) in the future.

Firstly, I plan to offer Felix as an online service. This will essentially be Memory Serves, behind a secure server. That will make Felix itself available from any platform that supports a Web browser.

Secondly, I have a very rough OpenOffice Writer extension for Felix, with plans to improve it and add extensions for Impress and Calc. These can then be updated to work with the online service.

Thirdly, I’m currently working on an XLIFF-based translation editor, the first beta of which is scheduled for December. This is being written in Python, and it should be possible to make it run on Linux without too much extra work.

I know that many CAT tool users won’t use online services, because they’ve told me so. But some users do want a hosted service, and at any rate, as a solo developer this is the only realistic way I have of supporting platforms other than Windows.

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Interesting developments. I have shifted from a PC to a Mac and find it highly inconvenient to go back to the PC for some applications only. Plus I don’t like the Parallels thing.
As a first step I think an online (secured) version would be very interesting.
Although I am not a programer, my opinion is that open-source formats have a great future.

Thanks for creating Felix, btw!

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