Felix release

Felix version 1.5.1 released

I’ve just released version 1.5.1 of Felix.

You can download the latest version here.

This is a minor release, with several bug fixes and improvements.

  • Improved support for PowerPoint interface (especially 2007)
  • Register Glossary Entry dialog box allows you to select the destination glossary
  • Use the “Advanced” button the Register Glossary Entry dialog box to set default values for added glossary entries (such as context, validated flag, and reliability value)
  • Concordance view now starts numbering matches as 1 (was 0 before)
  • Bug fix: When loading preferences, remote glossaries were not removed
  • Bug fix: Removed behavior to delete identical glossary entries when a memory entry was deleted
  • Bug fix: Remote memories always had the name “New” in the Memory Manager dialog
  • Bug fix: Background color setting in Edit Record dialog box did not work

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