Another lame response from Plimus

A couple of days ago, I blogged about Plimus’ lackluster Japanese support, and posted the lame form letter they sent me back.

Today, I got another lame form letter as a response to my report that yen currencies should not be shown with decimals:

Dear Ryan,

I really appreciate your taking time to make suggestions to improve the Plimus system.

I have forwarded your suggestions to our development team.

Please know, we take every request and suggestion seriously and make every effort to accommodate our vendors.

As you are no doubt aware, some changes take longer than others, but we will strive to implement them all as soon as is practical.

Max-Plimus Vendor Support

The thing is, this is not a feature request; it’s a bug report. Showing yen with decimals on a payment page is just wrong. So OK, I understand you’re busy, but why not acknowledge the bug before blowing me off?

Since a big portion of my sales comes from Japan, I’m going to have to look for a new payment processor if their Japanese support stays this lousy.

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Well… they are racist.. I bougt a database emails from and Plimus must to make a phone verification. I am Mexican and my english is very bad… And..

I told them “I don’t understand you” I said them “what information do you need for confirn this order?) and they laughed of me and said me “Shut Up” and make a freaky sex sounds…

Then… I said them “I dont speak english” And they said me “But you are speanking english” and they laughed again.. they are a Girl and mm Boy I think so…

Plimus is not a professional business…

Victor….how was the database from was it quality content? I’m considering buying from them but I dont know if I trust the site.

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