Felix release

Felix version

First, I’d like to thank everyone for their good wishes. It really means a lot. For those of you interested in exactly what went wrong with my health, I wrote about it in my personal blog.

I’ve just about finished open-sourcing Felix. The code lives here on bitbucket. I also plan to put it on github as I’m able. I’ve already had a brave volunteer who is trying to build Felix on his own machine. That will be proof positive that Felix can live on its own.

I also went through the site and removed all references to Felix being paid software. When I first open-sourced Felix, I mistakenly left in the old commercial license. I swapped in the MIT license, and released version with the correct license. You can download it here.

The next step will be to open source Memory Serves. I think that will pretty much do it for the Felix constellation of apps, and then I’ll be able to get back to development — albeit at a slow pace.