Felix release

Version 1.5.5 of Felix released

I’ve just released version 1.5.5 of Felix.

You can download the latest version here.

This release mainly includes improvements to the search page, additions to the automation interface, and some bug fixes. This is the last planned release before version 1.6, which will have an improved TM manager.

The main improvements are described below.


  • Expanded automation API (for macros/scripting)
  • Felix can now load glossaries in tab-separated text format
  • Bug fix: Fixed error in number placement with numbers containing commas
  • Bug fix: Felix no longer scrolls to the top of the window after editing an entry in place
  • Bug fix: A bad date format in a record will not cause the TM/glossary to fail to load
  • Bug fix: Felix would fail to load TMs/glossaries when many were selected at the same time
  • Bug fix: Text was deleted from the “Quick Search” dialog after each search
  • Concordance matches are now highlighted for regular expression searches
  • Bug fix: The “last modified” date was overwriting the “created” date
  • Memory and glossary windows have uniform search menu items

Search Window

  • Bug fix: Bad date formats in the Search window could crash Felix.
  • Improved navigation in search results
  • Bug fix: After an entry was edited or deleted, the results would return to the first page

Remote TMs (Memory Serves)

  • Performance improved for remote TM/glossary look-ups


  • Certain abbreviations (e.g. “Ms.” and “Dr.”) are no longer recognized as being segment ends