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Beta version of XLIFF Translator released

I’ve just released the first beta version of XLIFF Translator, a free tool to generate and translate files in the XLIFF format using Felix.

Go to the XLIFF Translator home page


For this project, I’m experimenting with a new documentation system called Sphinx. The documentation it puts out is very pretty, and it’s easy to write as well.

See the XLIFF Translator documentation


I’ve created a forum on the Felix forum site for discussions, bug reports, and feature requests regarding XLIFF Translator.

XLIFF Translator Forum

Other Support

You’re also welcome to contact me directly with any questions or problems using XLIFF Translator.

This is an initial, beta release, so expect bugs. Your feedback will help me greatly to improve XLIFF Translator and get out a great 1.0 release.

Felix resources

Tanaka Corpus available in Felix TM and TMX formats

I converted the Tanaka Corpus of aligned Japanese and English sentences into Felix translation memory (TM) and TMX formats.

The Tanaka Corpus is a collection of around 150,000 Japanese-English sentence translation pairs, compiled over several years by university students, with later cleanup and correction by Jim Breen and his colleagues.

Download the Felix/TMX versions of the Tanaka Corpus here.