Align Assist Translation File Alignment Tool

Download Align Assist version 1.5.1

Create TMs from Legacy Translations

Align Assist is a free tool that aligns source and translation files to create a translation memory (TM).

The Align Assist main window

Align Assist supports a large number of file formats. Below are some of the main formats supporteed.

  • Microsoft® Word (.doc, .rtf)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls, .csv)
  • HTML
  • XML
  • Text
  • PDF

Using Align Assist

  1. To start Align Assist, from the Windows Start menu, select All Programs >> Assistant Suite >> Tools >> Align Assist >> Align Assist.
  2. After Align Assist starts, select a source file and a translation file. You can also enter a URL for the source or translation (or both).
  3. Next, click Align. Align Assist loads the two files, and displays their segments in a grid.

    Align Assist grid

  4. Use the various commands to make sure that the segments line up.
  5. Save the file as a Felix TM by selecting File >> Save (Ctrl + S).


  • Split: Split the selected segment into two segments.
  • Merge: Merge the selected segments into a single segment.
  • Delete: Delete the selected segment(s).
  • Swap: Swap the selected segments. If three or more segments are selected, then the top and bottom rows will be swapped.

Use the Undo (Ctrl+Z) command to undo any errors. You can double click a cell to edit it; right clicking brings up a context menu with available commands.

Saving Aligned Memories

After you finish aligning the source and translation files, save the results as a Felix memory file.

You can also save intermediate results, so you can save your work and continue aligning later. To save an intermediate file, select File >> Save As, and set "Files of type" to "Intermediate Result (*.aares). Then the next time you launch Align Assist, from the main window, select File >> Open, and select your intermediate file.

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