Free Translator Tools

Online Wordcount

An online wordcount tool that handles PDF, HTML, XML, text, and CSV (comma-separated value) files

Memory Serves

A server for Felix memory files. This application will enable you to share your memories and glossaries over your local network.

Align Assist

A tool to create Felix translation memory (TM) files from legacy translations. Align a source file with a translation file, then save it as a Felix TM.

Tag Assist

Tag Assist is a translator's HTML editor with an interface to Felix. It includes a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor, a source view for precise control over the source HTML code, and a browser view to see how your translated page actually looks in Internet Explorer.

Count Anything (GITS website)

A desktop wordcount utility that provides word and character counts for many different file formats (MS Word/PowerPoint/Excel, PDF, HTML, XML, CSV, text, RTF, etc.).

Analyze Assist (GITS website)

A desktop utility that analyzes files for translation against translation memories to provide match ratios. Useful for estimating the cost of a translation (both in terms of money and time).


A desktop utility that switches the source and translation fields of Felix translation memories (TMs) and glossaries.


A desktop utility that converts glossaries from jamming format into Felix format.

XLIFF Translator

A desktop utility for translating XLIFF files using Felix.

Free Resources

The resources page also has links to free resources for Felix users.

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