Getting Started

XLIFF Translator is a program for translating XLIFF files using the Felix translation-memory system. XLIFF Translator converts various file formats into XLIFF files, gives you tools to translate them, and then converts those XLIFF files into translated documents based on the original.

To get started, you first need to download and install XLIFF Translator

Download and Install XLIFF Translator

Download the XLIFF Translator installer from the XLIFF Translator download page. Once you’ve downloaded the installer, double click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.

Create an XLIFF Project

Start XLIFF Translator, and from the File menu, select New Project... A wizard will guide you through the project-creation process.

First, the wizard will ask you to select a project folder. It is recommended that you create a new folder somewhere in your My Documents directory.

Next, the wizard will ask you to select one or more source files. Currently, MS Excel, HTML, and XML file formats are supported.

After you’ve selected the files, the wizard will ask you to supply a source and target language. The source language is the language of the files you selected, and the target langauge is the language that you’re going to translate them into.

Start Translating

Once you’ve created your project, you’re ready to start translating. If Felix isn’t already running, start it.

Next, select one of the original files in your project. The file appears in XLIFF Translator as a bilingual file, but with all the translations blank.

Click on the “Right” arrow on the toolbar to select the first segment. As you select each segment, the source is looked up in Felix, and if there are any matches in your translation memory (TM), they appear in the Felix window.

If there is a match in the Felix window, use the “Down” arrow on the toolbar to retrieve it. If the translation was for a fuzzy match, then edit the translation as necessary. If there were no matches, then type in your translation.

After the translation is finished, click on the “Up and Right” arrow to register your translation, and move on to the next segment.

Generate the Target Document

After you’ve finished translating the XLIFF document, you’re ready to generate the target document. From the File menu, select Generate Target. The translated document is generated and displayed for review.