You can download your memories and glossaries from Memory Serves. This both enables you to integrate your Memory Serves TMs/glossaries with other applications, and ensures that you can have full control over your data.

You can download your TMs/glossaries in two formats:

  • Felix XML format
  • TMX format

Links to download your memories/glossaries are provided on the "memories" and "glossaries" index pages, as well as the "view" pages for individual memories/glossaries. From those pages, click the Download link to download in Felix format, or the TMX... or Download As TMX... link to download in TMX format.

The Felix XML format is the file format used by Felix. If you want to use your memories from Felix in stand-alone mode, this is the format to use. This is also the best format for backing up your memories and glossaries, because it maintains perfect fidelity; that is, all the information in your TM/glossary is saved in this format.

TMX is a universal standard for translation memories. Use this format if you want to share your TMs with users of other CAT tools. Note that as of version 1.4, only level 1 of the TMX specification is supported (i.e. rich text formatting is not supported).