Table of Contents

Getting Started

Get started using Memory Serves. Information about Memory Serves, and instructions for downloading, installing, and running Memory Serves.

The Web Interface

Learn how to use the Web interface to Memory Serves. View, edit, and configure Memory Serves data from a Web browser.

Connecting from Felix

Connect to a Memory Serves translation memory (TM) or glossary from Memory Serves.

Search and Replace

Using search and replace in Memory Serves. Information about search filters, finding and replacing individual records, and the 'replace all' feature.


Learn how to download your translation memories and glossaries from Memory Serves. Download TMs/glossaries in Felix and TMX format.

The Admin Interface

The admin interface to Memory Serves. View and manage user accounts, view logs, and set TM preferences.

Memory Importer

Import memories and glossaries into Memory Serves from a stand-alone application.

Memory Serves FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Memory Serves. Get the answers to common questions or problems.