7.4. Translation History

Translation history is a new feature in Felix version 1.4. Using a translation history, you can make edits to your translation, and then reflect those edits in your translation memory with a single operation.


This feature is still in beta. It is not yet stable in all circumstances.

To use the Translation History feature, enable it from the preferences, on the Translation History tab. See Setting Preferences for details.

When you use the Translation History feature, Felix creates a ”.fhist” file alongside the document you’re translating. For example, if your document is “test.doc”, Felix will create a history file alongside it named “test.doc.fhist”. The history file contains a record of all the source sentences you’ve translated, their translations, and where they’re located in the document.

When you edit your translation, you can then go into Review mode (see Review Mode), then select Felix ‣ Reflect Trans Edits, and all your edits will be reflected in your translation memory automatically.

If you create a new memory in Felix, then reflecting your edits will create a TM with just the translations from your document.