7.3. Setting Preferences

To configure the preferences, select Felix ‣ Felix Preferences` from the menu. The Felix Preferences dialog appears.

There are four tabs in the Felix Preferences dialog: The View tab, the Format tab, the Segmentation tab, and the Translation History tab.

7.3.1. View Tab

Interface Language:
Set the interface language to English
Set the interface language to Japanese
Raise Felix window on Felix command
Select this checkbox to raise the Felix window to the top when you execute a Felix command.
Keyboard Shortcuts...

Display the Keyboard shortcuts dialog box.

The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box for Word

The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box for Word

7.3.2. Format Tab

Preserve Formatting:

Select whether each of the following types of text formatting information are to be preserved.

  • Font Name
  • Font Color
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Superscript/subscript

7.3.3. Segmentation Tab

End of Segment Characters:
These are the characters that mark the end of a segment.
Skip segments containing only numbers:
Useful when translating tables of figures and the like. When selected, Felix will skip over number-only segments.
Double-byte Characters:
Skip if there are Asian chars:
Skip any segments that contain Asian (Japanese/Korean/Chinese) characters.
Skip unless there are Asian chars:
Skip any segments that do not contain any Asian characters.
Translate all (default):
Translate all segments regardless of whether or not they contain Asian characters.

7.3.4. Translation History Tab

Use translation history:
Select whether to use the Translation History feature in Word. See Translation History for details.