The Record object represents a Felix translation memory or glossary. It is normally retrieved from a Records collection. Properties

Name Type Access Description
Context String Get/Set The context
CreatedBy String Get/Set Who created the record
DateCreated Date Get/Set The date that the record was created
Id Int Get/Set The record’s ID in the TM/glossary
LastModified Date Get/Set When the record was last modified
ModifiedBy String Get/Set Who last modified the record
PlainContext String Get Plain text context (no tags)
PlainSource String Get Plain text source (no tags)
PlainTrans String Get Plain text context (no tags)
RefCount Int Get/Set The number of times that the record has been referenced (used)
Reliability Int Get/Set A number between 0 and 9 representing the reliability (higher is more reliable)
Source String Get/Set The source
Trans String Get/Set The translation
Validated Boolean Get/Set Whether the record has been validated Methods

None Example

Here is some code to validate every record that was created by Ryan:

Sub ValidateIfByRyan() ' :)

    Dim felix As Object
    Set felix = CreateObject("Felix.App")
    felix.Visible = True

    Call AddMemoryEntries

    ' Create the gloss and mem objects
    Dim mem As Object
    Set mem = felix.App2.Memories.Item(1)

    ' Loop through the records
    Dim record As Object
    For Each record In mem.records
        If record.CreatedBy = "Ryan" Then
            Debug.Print "Created by Ryan: validating..."
            record.Validated = True
        End If
    Next record

End Sub