The Memory object represents a Felix translation memory or glossary. It is normally retrieved from a Memories collection. Properties

Name Type Access Description
Client String Get/Set The client that this TM/glossary is for
CreatedOn Date Get/Set The date and time that this TM/glossary was created
Creator String Get/Set The creator of the TM/glossary
Field String Get/Set The field of the TM/glossary (e.g. “Electronics” or “Education”)
IsLocked Boolean Get/Set Whether the TM/glossary is locked. It is not possible add/delete records to/from locked Memory objects.
IsMemory Boolean Get/Set True if the object is a TM, False if it is a glossary
ModifiedBy String Get/Set The last user to modify the TM/glossary
ModifiedOn Date Get/Set The date and time that this TM/glossary was last modified
Records Object Get The Records collection representing the records in the TM/glossary
SourceLanguage String Get/Set The source language of the TM/glossary
TargetLanguage String Get/Set The target language of the TM/glossary Methods

Name Arguments Description
AddRecord Object Record Adds a Record object to the TM/glossary
GetSize none Returns the size of the TM/glossary
RemoveRecord Object Record Removes the specified Record object from the TM/glossary
Save none Saves the TM/glossary at the current location
SaveAs String Location Saves the TM/glossary at the specified location Example

Here’s some sample code to print out information about the active memory:

Sub PrintActiveMemoryInfo()

    Dim felix As Object
    Set felix = CreateObject("Felix.App")
    felix.Visible = True

    ' Create the mem object
    Dim mem As Object
    Set mem = felix.App2.ActiveMemory

    ' Print out info
    Debug.Print mem.Creator
    Debug.Print mem.CreatedOn
    Debug.Print mem.Client
    Debug.Print mem.Field

End Sub