10. FAQ

10.1. How Do I...

10.1.1. How do I get started using Felix?

A good place to start is the Quick-start Tutorial Using MS Word.

There is also an online video demo.

10.1.2. I have a glossary in Excel format. How can I convert it to a Felix glossary?

  1. Make sure that the source terms are in one column, the translations are in the column to the right of it, and optionally context fields are in the column to the right of that.
  2. Select the cell of the first source term.
  3. Select Felix ‣ Add Glossary from the menu.

See Register a Glossary for details.

10.1.3. How do I search and replace terms in the memory/glossary?

Use the Search window to search and replace in your TMs or glossaries. See Search & Replace for details.

10.1.4. How do I review my translation?

Here, we will assume you are working from Microsoft Word.

The easiest way to review your translation is to switch to Review mode. See Review Mode for details.

10.2. Can I...

10.2.1. Can I customize the keyboard shortcuts in MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint?

Yes. From the select Felix ‣ Preferences in the desired application (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint), and then click Keyboard Shortcuts. The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box appears; configure the keyboard shortcuts, and then click OK.

See Keyboard Shortcuts for details about setting the keyboard shortcuts in Word.

10.2.2. Can I use Felix with the 64-bit version of Office?

Although Felix supports the 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, it does not support the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office. When you install Office, select the 32-bit version to use Felix with your Office programs.


Microsoft also recommends choosing the 32-bit version of Office in most situations. See this Microsoft support article for details.

10.2.3. Is it possible to install Felix and Trados side by side?

It is possible to install Felix and the Trados add-in for MS Word on the same computer, but the compatibility of the two programs has not been extensively tested. It is therefore not recommended that you install them side by side if this is avoidable.

Felix should have no trouble co-existing with SDL Trados Studio.

10.2.4. Can I use Felix with Wordfast side by side?

Felix does not work well with Worfast classic. The rewritten stand-alone version should coexist with Felix without issues.

10.2.5. Can I use the interface with Microsoft Word 97?

Microsoft Word 97 is no longer supported. Microsoft Office 2003 or higher is recommended.

10.3. What Is...

10.3.1. What is the difference between the trial and registered versions?

The size of memories and glossaries is limited to 500 entries in the trial version of Felix.

With this exception, the trial version is fully functional. Two other minor differences are that in the trial version, a Register dialog box appears on application launch, and “DEMO” appears in the title bar of the application. After registration, the Register dialog box and “DEMO” identifier are removed, and there is no limit on the size of the memories/glossaries.

10.3.2. What is the difference between a memory and a glossary?

TMs have an .ftm extension, and glossaries have an .fgloss extension. Aside from this, the only difference between a memory and a glossary is conceptual. Both memories and glossaries are saved in the same xml file format, with the same schema. This means that you can freely interchange memory and glossary files, as it suits your purposes.