6.4. Setting Preferences for Excel

To configure the preferences, select Felix >> User Preferences. The Felix Preferences dialog appears.

There are three tabs in the Felix Preferences dialog: The View tab, the Segmentation tab, and the Translation History tab.

View Tab

  • Interface Language:
    • English: Set the interface language to English
    • Japanese: Set the interface language to Japanese

Segmentation Tab

  • Skip segments containing only numbers:
    Useful when translating tables of figures and the like. When selected, Felix will skip over number-only segments.
  • Double-byte Characters:
    • Skip if there are Asian chars: Skip any segments that contain Asian (Japanese/Korean/Chinese) characters.
    • Skip unless there are Asian chars: Skip any segments that do not contain any Asian characters.
    • Translate all (default): Translate all segments regardless of whether or not they contain Asian characters.

Translation History Tab

  • Use translation history: Select whether to use the Translation History feature in Excel. See section 6.5 Translation History for details.

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