6. Using Felix from Excel

6.1 Getting Started

In order to use Felix from Microsoft Excel, you must select the Excel interface component during installation. See 2.2 Installation for details.

The Felix interface includes functionality to assist in translating Excel files. Excel is a good format for storing glossaries and memories, and the interface also includes functions to export Excel glossaries/memories to Felix (Felix can also export memories and glossaries as Excel files).

Excel Contents

The following sections describe using Felix from Excel.

6.2 Translation Mode
This section describes using Excel in Translation mode, to translate worksheets using Felix. Translation mode is also used to export glossaries and translation memories (TMs) to Felix.
6.3 Review Mode
This section describes using Review mode to review and revise translations from Excel.
6.4 Setting Preferences in Excel
This section describes the various Felix-related preferences that can be set from Excel.
6.5 Translation History
This section describes using the translation history feature to automatically reflect your changes to an Excel worksheet in your Felix translation memory.

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