3.3.2 Open a Glossary

To open a glossary, from the Glossary window’s File menu, select Open. Alternately, use the Ctrl+O shortcut while the Glossary window is in focus.

You can also open a glossary by dragging and dropping a glossary file onto the Felix glossary window.

If there is already a glossary open, the glossary window will ask you whether you want to merge this memory with the current one, or open it as a new glossary. If you merge the memories, then all the entries in the file you selected will be added to the currently open glossary.

In addition to loading glossaries from glossary files, you can connect to a glossary over your local network using Memory Serves, a free application for sharing memories and glossaries over the local network. See the Memory Serves documentation or 3.3.8 Connect to a Glossary on the Server for details.

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