3.2.6 Open a Memory

To open a memory that has previously been created, from the File menu, select Open. Alternately, use the Ctrl+O shortcut.

You can also open a memory by dragging and dropping a memory file onto the Felix memory window.

Felix can open Felix memories (xml format), as well as memories in TMX format and Trados Text format. Select the appropriate file type in the Open Memory dialog box.

If you already have a memory open, a message box will appear giving you the option of merging the memory with your existing memory, or replacing the existing memory.

Files that are opened are added to the Recent Documents list. See 4.1.1 The File Menu for details.

You can also connect to memories over the local network on Memory Serves. See the Memory Serves documentation, or 3.2.13 Connect to a Memory on the Server for details.


  1. If you drag a memory into the Felix icon, Felix will launch with that memory opened.
  2. You can configure Felix to automatically load the last TMs and glossaries it had opened when it starts. See 3.2.11 Set User Preferences (General) for details.

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