3.2.4 Delete an Entry

As with editing records, there are two situations in which you might wish to delete an entry, and the procedure for each is slightly different.

The first case is when a single entry is being displayed (e.g. after an entry is added):

Added Translation to Memory View

To delete a record in this state, click Delete, or from the Edit menu, select Delete Entry. Alternately, you can use the CTRL + D shortcut.

The second case is when a list of entries is being displayed (e.g. as search results):

Search Results View

To delete a record in this state, click the [D] corresponding to the record you wish to delete.

Note: When you delete an entry, a confirmation dialog will ask you to confirm the deletion. To delete the entry permanently, click Yes. If you change your mind, click No. Be sure you want to delete the entry, because deletions cannot be undone.

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