3.2.3 Edit an Entry

The simplest way to edit an entry is to enter Edit Mode, and edit the entry right on the screen. See 3.4 Edit Mode for details.

You can also edit entries from the Edit Entry dialog. This dialog can only edit one entry at a time, but offers greater control and functionality. For instance, you can enter special HTML symbols from this dialog, and also navigate among the fields using the Tab key. The procedure for editing an entry via the Edit Entry dialog is described here.

There are two situations in which you might wish to edit an entry, and the procedure for each is slightly different.

The first case is when a single entry is being displayed (e.g. after an entry is added):

Added Translation to Memory View

To edit a record in this state, click Edit, or from the Edit menu, select Edit Entry.

The second case is when a list of entries is being displayed (e.g. as search results):

Search Results View

To edit a record in this state, click the [E] link corresponding to the record you wish to edit. Selecting Edit Entry from the Edit menu will select the default (the first entry).

The Edit Record dialog appears:

Edit Record Dialog

This dialog is functionally identical to the Add Entry dialog described in 3.2.1 Add an Entry. See that section for details.

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