3.2 The Memory Window

Felix Memory window

The Felix memory window is used to display the segments (sentences) you look up in your translation memories (TMs), as well as any suggested translations Felix may find.

This section describes the various features of the memory window, as well as the menu and toolbar items.


3.2.1 Add an Entry
3.2.2 Quick Search
3.2.3 Edit an Entry
3.2.4 Delete an Entry
3.2.5 Register Glossary Entries
3.2.6 Open a Memory
3.2.7 Save the Memory
3.2.8 Create a New Memory
3.2.9 Change the UI Language
3.2.10 Open a New Glossary Window
3.2.11 Set User Preferences
3.2.12 Manage Your Memories
3.2.13 Connect to a Memory on the Server

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