3. Using Felix

3.1 Getting Started

To launch Felix, double click on the Felix icon. Felix will also launch automatically if you invoke it from one of the Microsoft Office interfaces or from TagAssist.

You can zoom the size of the text in the memory and glossary windows in and out. Click on the title bar of the window to make sure it's active, then use Ctrl + Mouse Wheel to make the text larger or smaller.

When you start Felix, it remembers the last position and window size, as well as the GUI language that you used. This is handy when you adjust your memory and glossary windows to be just right for your screen and office program setup.

3.2 The Memory Window

3.2.1 Add an Entry
3.2.2 Search the Memory
3.2.3 Edit an Entry
3.2.4 Delete an Entry
3.2.5 Register Glossary Entries
3.2.6 Open a Memory
3.2.7 Save the Memory
3.2.8 Create a New Memory
3.2.9 Change the UI Language
3.2.10 Open a New Glossary Window
3.2.11 Set User Preferences
3.2.12 Manage the Memories
3.2.13 Connect to a Memory on the Server

3.3 The Glossary Windows

3.3.1 Controlling the Glossary Windows
3.3.2 Open a Glossary
3.3.3 Edit an Entry
3.3.4 Delete an Entry
3.3.5 Add an Entry to the Glossary
3.3.6 Save the Glossaries
3.3.7 Manage Your Glossaries
3.3.8 Connect to a Glossary on the Server

3.4 Edit Mode

3.4.1 Entering and Leaving Edit Mode
3.4.2 Editing and Formatting Text
3.4.3 Search and Replace

3.5 Search & Replace

3.5.1 The Search Pane
3.5.2 The Replace Pane

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